Aerial Fabric, Slings, Hoops, Trapezes, Rope & More

Aerial Fabric (Silks): The most popular type of Aerial Dance. Beginners work low to the ground as they learn how to wrap in a certain way, securing themselves to create a safety net. Using strength, flexibility, and creativity, the artist is dancing in the air.

Aerial Sling (Hammock): The fabric is swaged at the bottom and secured at the top. The technique learned on Sling transfers to Lyra and Trapeze. Knee hangs, front and back balance, and rope work can be explored on a softer medium.

Lyra (Hoop): An exciting piece of equipment, the Lyra is an aluminum or steel hoop that is suspended from 1 or 2 points. Intermediate students use techniques learned from Sling. The performer can use it statically, swinging or spinning.

Static Trapeze: A stainless steel bar is suspended from two ropes. This classic circus act does not swing but remains still. The artist climbs, balances, hangs, rolls, and slides. Beginners build strength quickly, as just mounting the bar takes us into many conditioning exercises.

Spanish Web: A soft round hollow cotton tubing 2 inches in diameter. One or more hand/foot loops and safety keepers are attached. A swivel might be attached to the top for spinning. An intermediate apparatus, the artist builds upon the technique learned on Aerial Fabric.